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Use PDFler to create complex PDF functionalities at scale without worrying about building and provisioning your own PDF service. Enterprise ready.

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PDF actions

PDFler offers multiple different operations for creating or amending PDFs that we call actions. Actions are the building blocks that you can use to execute multi-step transformations.

With PDFler, you can create complex PDF functionalities by organizing multiple actions into a workflow.

Fill PDF forms

With PDFler you can easily populate PDF forms like registrations papers or product labels. PDFler offers two paradigm for handling templates:

  • send over your template along your data to the API;
  • (TBA) create a static template with the form builder PDFler offers.

Fill PDF forms API

Split a PDF by pages

PDFler allows you to take a single PDF and split it into multiple files. Send via the API your file how you want it split by page numbers and PDFler will send you back the corresponding number of files.

Merge two or more PDFs

Use PDFler to combine multiple files into a single PDF. Send your two or more files to the API, PDF will combine them into a single PDF and send it back as a response.

Convert HTML to PDF

With PDFler you can easily convert HTML to PDF. Use the convert API to easily create documents and labels directly from within your application - send over your HTML and PDFler will convert it to a PDF file.

Rotate PDF pages

Convert and HTML document into a PDF file.

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How it works

PDFler is built on the idea that one action per API request cannot suffice for building more complex PDF workflows.

With PDFler, you can chain multiple operations and use the artifacts from the previous actions to materialize almost any workflow with a single API call.

Data privacy

PDFler is designed to offer a few different mechanisms for handling files and data, depending on the nature of your PDFs:

1. PDFler storage

Store request schema AND all files and data in PDFler.

2. NO storage

Store request schema WITHOUT storing any files or data in PDFler.

3. Client storage (TBA)

Store request schema WITHOUT any data in PDFler while storing the PDF files in a client's S3 bucket.


PDFler's data handling options allow you to use it in environments where your PDFs may contain sensitive data and ergo you need to comply with the local data privacy laws.

Along with that, PDFler runs on AWS, and Enterprise customers can use it in any region needed.

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API Dashboard

PDFler comes with a handy dashboard where you can monitor your API requests, usage, and for debugging your integrations.

Depending on your configuration, PDFler can store all your files so that you can find them later on in the dashboard.

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NO subcriptions - pay only what you use


€0.03 / action

First 250 actions free every month

Free integration support via live chat

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Dedicated server

Multiple region options

Free integration support via live chat

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Is PDFler secure enough?

PDFler runs on AWS's secure cloud, follows the best security practices, and complies with GDPR and all laws regarding data privacy.

Does PDFler store my files?

Whether or not PDFler stores your PDFs and request data is up to you. You can choose between different data storing paradigms depending on your needs. See the data and privacy section.

Are there montly fees?

No. We charge per for usage only and there are no monthly fees to worry about. If you don't make API requests you won't be charged.