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Fake document for AI training and testing

Fabricator AI

Fake documents for AI

The Fabricator makes it easy to generate bogus forms for training models and testing AI functionalities.

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Creating document AIs

Dealing with documents is a massive time-waster that AI promises to eliminate. However, AI needs LOTS of data for training/testing and that's a barrier many face when approaching their document problems.

The Fabricator is designed to give you a head start and allow you to focus on building your models rather than troubling about data. You can create as many documents as you like, with all sort of variations to match your real world data.

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Common data problems

Data privacy

Documents very often contain personal data. Тhat can make it difficult to use real document volumes without violating privacy laws.

Lack of data

The odds are, your real world documents won't have enough examples of all the documents you need. Not enough data is a serious blocker.

No labelling

Even you have enough data, if your documents are not properly labeled, they won't be easy to use.

How it works

The Fabricator allows you to create fake documents for training or testing your AI functionalities. First you have to set up your document templates and then configure the type of set you want to generate. The Fabricator will give you an S3 bucket with the bogus documents.

How the fake document generation works

Bogus document options

Hand and machine text

Choose between different font styles to best replicate your original data.

Optional fields

Configure optional fields to leave certain sections of the documents empty.

Noise options

Easily mimic the real world document noise that occurs when scanning or faxing.

Tilting and shifting

Real documents often get tilted and shifted upon scanning - Fabricator AI mimics that as well.

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Sample fake document by Fabricator AI


NO subcriptions - pay only what you use


€0.09 / document

250 free documents

Support via live chat

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€0.04 / document

Min 20K / month

Support via live chat

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How many documents can I create?

With Fabricator AI, you can create an unlimited number of documents.

How long does the document creation take?

The time it takes to create your fake documents would depend on the volume you need. It will take minutes for a few hundred forms to hours if you need thausands.

Are there montly fees?

No. Fabricator AI charges per for fake document and there are no monthly fees to worry about. If you don't use - you won't be charged.