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How much does AWS cost and is it worth

When I talk to clients about cloud services and AWS the topic about pricing always comes up and even though people have actually no idea how much AWS will cost for their project, they have this notion that AWS would be ...

Biser, Oct 2020

Antipaterns to avoid for building microservices-based systems

We are proponents of the idea that if you want a scalable software system, there’s no other path, but the microservices one. The idea behind microservices is simple - instead of building a monolithic application, break down your logic into small ...

Biser, Dec 2017

Common traps with message queues based communication (AWS SQS)

Message queues are a great way to distribute data across microservices and for asynchronous communication. Our team uses queues to handle the following:

  1. communication between microservices;
  2. for extracting long running jobs and decoupling;
  3. to handle request spikes;
  4. pub-sub.

Max, Nov 2017

How to install PDFtk on an AWS Elastic Beanstalk environment

If you need help installing PDFtk on an ElasticBeanstalk instance, this post will help you out. Although EB is an awesome service when it comes deploying, provisioning, load-balancing and scaling applications, installing additional packages can be a little tricky from time ...

Max, Jul 2017