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Automate your medical cannabis
document processes with AI

Reduce the document overhead by 90%

On average, Canadian health institutions receive more than 24 000 fax messages a year. This results in over $60 000 a year of operational expenses for fax processing.

The medical cannabis fax

A typical setup for the cannabis companies is a digital fax service, managed by employees who would process and input documents from it into an EMR/CRM system manually. This "human" link is where companies waste time and resources.

Digital fax
Staff does manual processing
EMR software

Fax problems

Operational overhead

Team members need to spend dedicated time to sort, group, and digitize the pages manually.

Document bungling

Fax messages can get lost or delayed, which can have severe negative consequences for the patients.

Reduce the fax overhead by 90% with AI

Automate the fax inbox with Shredder AI

Shredder AI uses deep technology to replicate the cognitive operations humans execute when processing documents and thus allows you to automate complex document workflows.

With Shredder AI you can eliminate up to 90% of the time that is wasted on manually digitizing documents every day.

Pre-trained models

Shredder already knows and understands forms from almost all Canadian medical cannabis companies.

Supports all document types

Shredder works with ALL document types you receive like medical documents, registration forms, consents, VAC approvals.

Bring your own templates

You can still easily bring and configure your own forms and documents.

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Full medical data compliance

Shredder AI is designed to comply fully with the requirements of all acts related to medical data privacy in Canada, the US, and the EU.

ALL data is processed within the secure infrastructure of AWS and the region of your choice (regions).

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