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What is Shredder AI

Shedder AI is an API service that allows you to quickly add AI document automation features to your software product.

Gain a competitive advantage, without investing years in developing your own AI technology for processing documents.

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Pre-trained models

Shredder uses pre-trained with common templates models so that you can start right away, without the need to bring your own data.

Simple API

Shredder comes as a simple web API that can be integrated into any existing system. It offers a flexible request schema that allows for different workflows to be constructed on the go.

How it works

Shredder is a simple web API:

  1. send Shredder a document via HTTP OR email;
  2. Shredder makes a complex prediction about it;
  3. Shredder makes an API request to your software.

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AI Freatures for your product

1. Inbound fax automation

Shredder AI can classify, clusterize, extract data from incoming fax messages and import it directly into your software, thus saving time and money for your customers.

It can be integrated with all virtual fax services through the API and email inbox interfaces.

2. Bulk document digitalization

Shredder can be used to digitize significant volumes of unstructured documents.

For example, when your clients first decide to go electronic and need their data migrated to your software product.

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Full medical data compliance

Shredder AI is designed to comply fully with the requirements of all acts related to medical data privacy in Canada, the US, and the EU.

ALL data is processed within the secure infrastructure of AWS and the region of your choice (regions).

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