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Create fake populated document forms with Fabricator AI

Document forms fuel almost every process in every company. AI promises to solve a lot of problems and the overhead the paper format creates, but it first needs massive volumes of data and that’s once of the most common obstacle for ...

Biser, Sep 2020

AWS Comprehend Medical and NLP in healthcare - detailed overview

I. Natural Language Processing

When it comes to standardized and structured data computers are a man’s best friend. They can read and process it faster, better and more accurate than any average human being. Unstructured data, or human language, on ...

Lilly, Feb 2019

Potential obstacles for implementing Machine Learning in your company

Machine Learning is getting more and more popular and accessible, but implementing it is still not a trivial task.

There are a few vital things in the process of introducing Machine Learning that might turn out to be thorns in your ...

Nicky, Mar 2018